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Abuse / Warning page

The Wizard started this conversation
To all aidmates:
Please, DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL addresses! Keep your privacy. Communicate via private or public AIDPAGE MESSAGES - it is easy, convenient and above all it is SAFE.

--- August 3, 2006

I was approached by an aidmate with question about a fraudulent loan offer. This gave me the idea to create an Abuse / Warning page where all aidmates can post their similar experience in order to warn others.

Given the number of aidmates that are talking about financial problems, and the fact that Aidpage is free for everybody, unfortunately, it is unavoidable to have spammers, liars and dishonest people. We are doing as much as we can to keep the system open and at the same moment to identify such parties. The system is performing automatic post-processing for known fraudulent schemes and is deleting the identified accounts. Aidpage is removing some accounts – mostly international Nigerian-like “loan givers”. This is why, once in a while, some of you are receiving email notifications for messages. Then, when you login, there is no message - it was deleted in the meantime by the system. Unfortunately, we are far from 100% successful in this identification process.

So, what should we do? Here are several suggestions I can think of:

  1. Use common sense!
  2. Be careful and communicate through Aidpage only. Nobody needs your email or phone to talk to you. They can do it easily on Aidpage and yet they would not have access to your information (unless you let them).
  3. Any legitimate lender or grant giving organization should identify itself publicly. Such institutions cannot be hidden or secret.
  4. Whoever claims to represent an organization should be able to post all pertinent information about him/herself and the organization – address, phone, full name, type of business etc – right here on Aidpage. This is a simple advertising for the company and it cannot be a secret. On the other hand, you don’t have to give any information about yourself – their business info is public, your personal info is not!
  5. Once you’ve got all the info, go ahead and check them out. Ask aidmates that you can trust for advice. Make sure you know with whom you are dealing.
  6. Then, there are individuals willing to help. This is the best thing happening on Aidpage. However, their personal information is as private as yours. They may not want to expose themselves publicly and this is absolutely understandable. Anonymous charity is common.
  7. In case someone wants to send you money, they can do it via Paypal. You just need your own Paypal account – it is easy and free. This way, you don’t have to give out any sensitive personal information – like home address, phone, bank accounts, social security number, birth date, etc. You may consider creating a special email for Paypal only.

I do believe good people vastly outnumber the bad guys, anyway.


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Here is who you have to file with..............


Complaint ID: I0709202203509842

The following information was provided by the victim and may be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement

or regulatory agencies.

Date: 09/20/2007 22:03:50

Victim Information

Name: Sherri

Business Name:

Age: 40 - 49

Gender: F

Address: Drive

apt 29

City: Indialantic

Do you live within the city limits?: Yes

County: Brevard

State: Florida

Country: United States

Zip Code/Route: 32903

Phone number:xxxxxxxx

Email Address:

Name of your local police or sheriff's office:

Brvard county sheriff's dpt

Is the complaint you are filing related to the Internet or an online service? Yes

Do you have pertinent documents in paper form? Yes

Page 1 of 5

Information about the Individual/Business that victimized you

Business Name: Hallmark Telecommunication

Name: Engr Richard Brigantz

Gender: U

Address: hallmar
k House

loomer road

T5 7LA

City: Chesterton Staffordshire


Country: United

Zip Code/Route:

Phone number: 4470240188

Email Address:

Other Identifiers

Web Site:

IP Address:

IRC Server:

Chat Room Name:

Usenet Newsgroup:


Monetary Loss

If you lost money from the incident you are reporting, please specify the total dollar amount of your loss.


Please indicate the means of payment (select all that apply)


Cashier's Check

Check/Debit Card

Credit Card

Money Order

Wire Transfer

Other (Specify)

Did you use a third party online payment service such as PayPal, BidPay, Escrow? No

Page 2 of 5

Description of the Incident

Describe in your own words how you have been victimized.

I am a flight attendant and I am posted on a corporate website 'Global Operators Flight Information

Resource" ( GOFIR) for contract flying.

On Septmber 4th I recived and e-mail from A Richard Brigantz of " Hallmark

Telecommunications" a supposed subsidiary on Hallmark Electronics LTD in the UK. They were inneed of a flight attendant/ assistant for a newly approved station in the us. he as

ked me how long I had

been flying and my qualifications.Before I gave him that information

, I asked him how he recieved my info. He e-maild back that he had

recieved it from a contracted agent through (GOFIR). I then sent him my list of qualifications along with 2references

, a contact address, and a phone # That he had asked for. I was sent an e-mail that they

enlisted me for the job. They were going to send me 3k to purchase my flight ticket on British Airway's andas

kd me if I wanted a mailed check or a direct transfer. I told him I wanted a direct transfer. As im not a

trusting person on th internet, this did seem legitimate.I went and opened another account

, and left $2.00 in it just in case. I also had it set up with every alert

possible. I hav spoken with this person in instant messages and e-mail about the job and he seemd very

knowledgable. On September 17th I recieve an alert on my account that a direct deposit was made. When

I check the account, they are 2 deposits from paypal, one in the amount of 7 cents and the other in theamount of 11 cents. Now

, as I had a paypal account before I know this is what they do when you open your

account with them, which means the account was opened with my checking account #.I called paypal today and e

xplained the situation, the account was opened with my bank account through

a screenname the address for that screenname was given to me from paypal.

1475 S. Shenandoah St. Los Angeles ,CA 90035. When I researched the address the occupant is Lionel

Lober, a 72 yr old film director. I am afraid he may be a victum of this also. His phone # is 310-657-4987 ( I

researched that also) I also researched the IP address and it came from 4676 Admiralty way, suite 330

Marina Del Ray CA 90292. I have been contacted by this man under aol IM zandyflakes. He is still

contacting me I have contacted the bank and paypal, im leaving the account open as there is no money init and the ban

k is aware of this as is paypal, I want this guy caught. He is very convincing. He is going to

attempt to withdraw from this account through paypal.

The paypal deposit transaction #s are 104HDJ2225XZGHGINDN for 7 cents204HDJ2225XZGHGINDN for 11 cents

Page 3 of 5

Please indicate any medium used by the individual/business in the course of the incident.

Bulletin board

Chat room



In person

Internet messaging




Web site



Please indicate the initial means of contact with the individual/business that victimized you.


Was this initial means of contact unsolicited/uninvited?


What was your relationship with the individual/business you are complaining about prior to the incident you

are reporting?

no prior relationship

Did you conduct any research on the individual/business prior to the incident?


How much time has passed since you determined you were victimized?

2 - 3 weeks

Page 4 of 5

Contact Information

Are there witnesses or other victims to this crime?

[left blank]Have you reported this crime to any law enforcement or government agencies?

Better Business Bureau

Consumer protection agency

Individual/business that victimi
zed you

Police/other law enforcement

Private attorney

Provide the specific name of each organi
zation, contact name, contact phone number, email address, date

reported, and report number (if known).

I intend to report this I will update the information when I do

Supplemental Information

----------------------------------------------- 09/21/2007 15:38:58 --------------------------------------------------

Field complaint on 09/21/07 with
Melbourned police department case #MP07065530. Is being turned

over to their Homeland Security detective. I also recieved emails from the correct Hallmark company,

they are afraid of terrorisum, credentials have been asked of pilots along with requests for property this

company has contacted interpol

Page 5 of 5

Talk to sher1

More to this scam & in the flight usiness and listed on a respectale site, this was elieveale  he got alot of pilot and FA info  so this was turned over to authorities ASAP turn all scams over


Hello Sherrilyn,
        Congratulations,you have just been enlisted for the job.You will attend an interview and a fly test session here in UK on the 26th and 27th of October .
 you are expected to have the following with you when coming for the 2 day test



    The company has packaged $3,000 for you to attend the session.This money is meant for the air ticket,your time and your upkeep for the 2 day session .An hotel has been arranged for this purpose,we are

still in the middle of arrangement with British Airways to help subsidize the flight fare and making your itinerary a fruitful experience to UK.This we will let know if  its going to be possible but in absence

of that you will have to handle your itinerary with the fund the company is going to provide.
   You will be provided a coupon for this via mail later on so that you will know when to book your flight .A representative of the company with the company's tag will be at the airport as from 25th of

October  waiting for you at HEATHROW arrival lounge  depending on when you will be arriving to take you to the hotel that has been provided for you.
  The representative will assist you in getting all you need to start up with your first day at the hotel,note that all arrangement has been made at the company's volition ,anything outside this will be billed on

you.While i welcome you as you come to UK for the interview,just want to also remind you to have all your papers handy and well organized.the interview starts with filling of  application form and

accreditation.You will be handed a guide to help you plan .
   Good luck !

Engr Richard Brigantz
Hallmark.House,.Loomer Road.
United Kingdom

Talk to sher1
 in response to bulldog08...   

you eed to file a complaint with the FDI  ( the letter after A doesn't work for me)   I was scammed y a jo offer on a corp FA site   do not give any money for anything    her is how my scam went  however i followed up with the company  didnt loose anything and these people have een turned over to interpool and FDI................

       Found your details through a contracted agent with Global  Operators Flight Information Resource(GO FIR)  to get list of eligible
attendants for the position in question.HALLMARK COMMUNICATION is satellite  telecommunication subsidiary to HALLMARK UK here in UK.We supply and install satellite equipment for government  agencies,corporate bodies etc .   And  in a bid to expand in our service,a  new branch office has been approved in Washington  USA,so we need a professional and dependable attendant for the company personnel on  itinerary to locations for installation  and maintenance purpose.
     Your benefit is a bumper package with an attractive renumeration depending on qualification, Work Schedule 7.5 days ON 6.5 days
OFF.You can forward the below details for further processing if interested.

1,Two reference from present or past place of work

2,Contact Address

3,your direct contact phone number

Engr Richard Brigantz
Hallmark.House,.Loomer Road.
United Kingdom
Tel; +447024018860

Talk to sher1

I was scammed by a company of MONETARY ASSISTANCE they claim to be part of the gov where they offer gov grants for a small fee down for the legal papers ( now I know there is no FEE required) I have turn them in to everyperson adn place I can think of if there is anyone out there who has been taken the same way please turn them into the bbb and your local attoney general and the postal inspectors and the police dept ...I wan to to stop this company from doing this to someone eles....

Talk to bulldog08

I think it is wonderful that everyone is posting this information about scams for others to be aware of, however has anyone filed a complaint against the companies? I checked the Federal Trade commission website and did NOT find 1 complaint against Equimark. PLease, Please PLEASE! File a formal complaint and put these scammers out of business. Protect your neighbors, your relatives, your grandparents, and your children. FILE A COMPLAINT. 


Federal Trade Commission  

Talk to Anonymous

thats the biggest scam ever. i heard of that. always remember if you're trying to get a loan you never have to give to recieve

Talk to sherri3

I also was contacted by Ted Pearson with Royal finance. I was told I would have to fly to Africa, since he was on some "business deal" to finalize my loan process. I told him I couldn't do that and he said he had an attorney that could do my paperwork for us. I would have to pay the attornye fees. i said that I wouldn't have those fees until I have the loan. They wanted me to wire the attorney fees to NIGERA. I didn't but this is a scam. Do not do any dealing with Royal Finance and his associates.

Talk to torij

jaxie53... This sounds like a total scam! Stop communicating with these people. There is no such thing as applying for a loan or grant by email. Do NOT give them any personal information!

Talk to Builder1

I recently received an e-mail from a guy named DR. Ted Pearson. He said he found my loan application on an ad. He said I needed to write a formal letter telling why I needed it, what I needed it for, and if I had any collateral, he then said e-mail it to me and I will forward it to our datamanagement department for consideration. He said he was in africa at the time working on a $9 million dollar collateral deal. He said if I was considered, I would receive an e-mail back from the datamanagement department saying I was considered. Well I just received a consideration e-mail back and it said I now need to request a "grant form" from this dr. ted pearson guy and then it would take them two days to determine if I would get the loan or not. It is a place called ROYAL FINANCE, and the guys name from datamanagement was Anton Whyte. Does anybody know about this?

Talk to jaxie53

I wouldn't trust loans companies that spam your email everyday. Check your local loan companies and their rates. Small companies are also pretty good. Do your research... see how much you can pay back in one month, fits into your buget, and interest rate. You don't want a loan with a high interest rate... hard to pay off... Know what you are getting into so it won't be any surprises.... for a list of scams... Also, when applying for a loan... you shouldn't have to pay money upfront for it... if you do... someone is scamming you... When you have a loan... you pay for a loan through monthly, weekly payments... You should never have to pay upfront for a loan... defeats the pupose of the loan....

Talk to babygyrlsugar

Hello, I was recently contacted by Netwest Finance through a person calling himself Kevin Wong. He promised to lend me a large sum of money etc. I checked out Netwest on the web and found that the company name was being used as part of a scam. I never answered the ad. There is another USA based scam from a group calling itself American Loan Request. The principal person called himself Andy Campbell and his sidekick is Bob Sullivan, they scammed me out of $1800.00 through false loan promises. At the time they were operating out of Denver Colorado. Arnold

Talk to Arnold

i need a loan lets see if any of you guys can scam me. Try me,

Talk to GASMAN

does anyone out there no where i can get a legitimate loan of around $5000 for bad credit. I dont want ot be scammed and i was wondering if any one can help. thanks ranna1119

Talk to ranna1119

I Guess Equimark Investment strikes Again, I myself have been scammed, and now I have a big debt to pay. These people are riduculous! And somebody needs to stop them! Ps. I need a way to get a 5000 loan asap and get back on track.... I need some financial help...somebody please help me........

Talk to Supermario

Good for you sbenfit! Glad aidpage helped you. Here is a page with crime reporting options.
Reporting Crime

Talk to vistahelp

I have been speaking to a Ellen Bean with a Brace Lending Group out of California and she said I was approved for my loan of 28000 all I needed to do is transfer 1250 to some guy named Donald Anderson in Canada. Thank Goodness I read some of these articles I almost went out of my way to get the money for this loan. I am in desperate needs of this loan and now it seems to good to be true. Anyone knows of a place, that is not a scam please let me know.

Talk to sbenfit

For all of you who have been ripped of by companies like equimark, midland financial or any other online scams, contact and file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or your State attorney General. While I cannot gurantee you will receive your money back, the more complaints they have on file, the more likely they will file charges against the owners of these "companies" The links are below. In the future, please thoroughly check out a company that you plan to do business with. If you receive an unsolicited email from a company offering you a loan or any other service DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
how to check out a company BEFORE you agree to anything!
state attorney generals - pdf file
site of state attorney generals

Talk to Anonymous

I was scammed by equimark. I was contacted by a matthew davidson and a colin baxter. They said that they could get me a high loan with a low intrest rate. I filled out all the "paper work" and then they said they needed a collateral payment of 1200 and that my money would be in my bank the next day,I moneygrammed the money to a tanya bennet in canada, I checked my bank the next day the money wasn't there. I called them over and over but all they would give me were excuses and then they would put me on hold or hang up or they wouldn't even answer.I never made an application for a loan with equimark I don't know how they got my information in the first place. I filled a comlaint with bbc and fdc and filed a police report. Everyone says there's nothing I can do. Basically I lost all my money. I heard this was a big nigerian scam. I don't know why anyone can't catch these guys. If someone is picking up the money through a moneygram they need 2 forms of I.D. So why can't they find these people? If anyone knows what I can do, please help.

Talk to hearts
In tears..

The information I have on Midland Financial is that in order for me to secure the loan I had to either get a co-signer, collateral or pay for the insurance up front which the dollar amount varied upon the amount of the loan. I didn't think anything of it because most personal loans are like that when you don't own a home. I spoke to like 3 different people at first then I dealt with one person named Paul Watson, then after I sent in my "insurance money" some other guy called me named Dave to confirm they had received it and that the money would be in my account within 48hrs. the guy even called me 2 days later to go over everything with me and sent me a faxed confirmation. When I asked him who was the financial institution that financed me and where is the information for me to send in my payments, that's when he got nervous and was stuttering. he told me it would all be in my packet that was going to be mailed to me. The next day I tried to look up their site to get the 800# number again because the money wasn't in my account and the site was deleted. I called the number for his line and voicemail picked right up but this time it was automated. His voice wasn't on there anymore. My heart stopped for a few seconds because they have all, I mean ALL of my information.

Talk to In tears..

There is no such business located in San Francisco. This is a Canadian/Nigerian scam.

Talk to sfpd